Questions & Answers

How long before I see the results?

Algae and mildew staining on your roof, siding or any other exterior surface will disappear within minutes of applying our "Soft-Wash" cleaning products. If your roof has dense moss or lichen growth, then it may take a couple periods of heavy rain to fully remove all remaining fragments once the surface is treated.

What is "Soft-Washing"?

Soft-Washing is the process of which a blend of manufacturer recommend cleaning agents is applied to a surface utilizing equipment designed to produce pressures no greater than 60psi. This process allows us to clean and sanitize any surface without the use of high pressure. The traditional high-pressure method simply "blasts away" the dirt and mildew without actually killing it - which is why the process needs to be repeated often.

How long should I expect the "Soft-Wash" Treatment results to last?

Once a roof is cleaned and treated using our "Soft-Wash" method, you can expect the results to last 6 - 8 years with our Silver Package and up to 12 years with our Gold Package. 

The "Soft-Wash" results can last 2 - 3 times longer than traditional methods when used to clean all other exterior surfaces (siding, brick, dryvit, composite, aluminum, wood, brick, stone, concrete, etc.).

Why is Ugly Shingles, LLC Certified & Licensed?

It's the law in the State of Michigan! Any contractor that offers a service or product that is intended to prevent, destroy, repel or mitigate pests such as mold, algae, lichen and/or moss is required by the State of Michigan as well as the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) to hold a certification in the proper categories and carry a Pesticide Application Business License. Hiring a contractor that is not certified and operates without the proper licensing could potentially be applying heavy concentrations of illegal pesticides around your home and family.

Will "Soft-Washing" damage my landscaping?

Our team thoroughly rinses all landscaping surrounding the property before, during and after each service to ensure that nothing is damaged. We also offer a 15-day Plant Protection Guarantee.

Will Ugly Shingles, LLC need access to my water?

Yes, we will need to have access to one working water faucet. 

My water is hard, does that matter?

All water that runs through our equipment is filtered and doesn't affect the overall cleaning process. However, depending on the hardness of the water it may or may not leave water spots on the windows if its used to rinse during the house washing process.